An Al Qaeda Enclave In Britain

Secret enclaves of al-Qaeda extremists based in London, Birmingham and Luton are planning mass-casualty attacks in Britain, according to a leaked Government intelligence report.

Its official, a report by the 'Ministry of Defence' has named Luton as one of several Al Qaeda enclaves within Great Britain.

Those who live in and around Luton will know that that enclave is called Bury Park which took centre stage on the morning of 7/7 and during the biggest anti-terror operation in British history up until that point which was codenamed 'Operation Crevice'.

The basis of this blog is an on the ground first hand account of my personal experience living around the area of Luton where Al Qaeda and their supporters are operating.

I have been arrested for my writings on this blog, under the charge of 'stirring up racial hatred'.

Opinionated people who think they know what is right from wrong who do not know the facts to this blog will immediately condemn me as if I have done something wrong because of the title of the charge levelled at me, because if I have been arrested for that charge then I must be bad and what I am doing is bad.

I am not like you, I do not sit in doors with the curtains shut and the TV on watching the football or the X Factor pretending I live in a perfect World because the problems are not on my frontdoor. The community I talk about is where I grew up, it is the community where my friends are dying because of what is happening, and the community I am watching being taken over before my eyes so it is my responsibility to say what I am saying (which is the truth) for the sake of the future.

I am just saying what the vast majority of people are thinking, who are too scared to say or do anything through fear, and its not surprising because I have murdering drug dealing Pakistani Moslems wanting to silence me and the British State now wanting to put me on trial, so it no wonder everyone is scared of confronting the truth.

A population forced to accept the murder of their friends and the destruction and take over of their community through fear of violent Pakistani Moslems who are linked to Al Qaeda, and the British State telling them its all a part of multi cultural Britain, the rich diverse enrichment that Moslems bring to our Country and communities and if you disagree we will arrest you.

If you dont agree with the Governments line then you are a racist and an Islamaphobe and they have laws in place to deal with you, so as to silence the dissent.

Well I dont agree and I am not a racist, I am a realist and this is my Country that my forefathers fought and died for, for me their descendant.

On my blog I have not called for violence, I have not condoned violence, or encouraged anyone else to commit violence. All I have said is the truth from my perspective based upon the facts, yet I am under arrest because I have hurt Moslems feelings and breached 'community cohesion'.

Stuff community cohesion if these people are killing my friends, destroying the community and planning to take the Country over.

We want to live in peace but if their is a hostile force taking over what are you meant to do? Just sit back and accept it?

Isn't it time people faced up to reality before its too late?

Naming Luton in this report justifies what I am saying through my blog, and reading through its pages will give you the details of what is actually happening.

In a perfect World none of this would be happening, the threat and future consequences from the Islamic religion would not have to be thought about, but we do not live in a perfect World and this is really happening on the streets of Luton & Dunstable where I live whether you like it or not.

Denial and disbelief is not going to make it go away, thats why in this short video I posted I said that people must tell the police what they know about Pakistani Moslem criminality because this is all a part of Al Qaedas strategy, funding their covert civil military operations and terror training through the trade in Taliban Heroin and all other street drugs that they control, and in the process securing a strong position on the ground with the money earned and the networks they have in place.

The network of Pakistani Moslems who are conducting the street Jihad are over flowing with drug money.

They control the ground at this moment in time, but from a very very weak position.

They have had 30 years of building their base in this area with no opposition that's why it took centre stage on 7/7 when Al Qaeda declared war upon Great Britain.

Either the powers that be accept defeat here and allow the spread of this militancy on the ground with it eventually washing up on the surrounding areas or they tackle it on the ground here, thats the simple fact of the matter, and considering their is wealth of Christian and Royal history here, it will be very telling what their thoughts and decisions are. Sacrifice and surrender or No surrender - 21st Century Warfare

Hemel Hempstead is next because Leighton Buzzard has already been targeted.

Heroin money washes in buying up businesses which then leaves networks of Pakistani Moslems on the streets to pump their drugs into the community, and then they start moving in and taking over with the money earned.

City by City, Town by Town, Village by Village the Jihad is unfolding and the authorities are powerless to act because they deny this aspect of the Jihad. Al Qaeda terror operations is one aspect, but the daily street Jihad that is taking over the Country is left to continue.

What can the Security Services do apart from watch what is happening because the State is powerless to act.

All those Moslems who are a threat to National Security should be rounded up and placed in internment camps for the safety of the British people, and the networks of Heroin suppliers and the barons should be smashed.

While the known terrorists are walking our streets no one is safe and while the Heroin business is allowed to continue they are filling their War chests with the proceeds of Taliban Heroin with which to fight their low level Civil War against us with.

If Moslem terrorists do attack as this report states then that is justification enough to intern all Moslems linked to international Islamic terror, including those who are ideologically joined to them through the internet.

National Security and the protection of the British people has got to be paramount and if Moslems disagree then they should leave the Country because its those from amongst them who have pushed everyone into a corner.

If the Queens Kingdom does not come down hard upon its enemies, then make way until the eventual take over in the future where Britain will become an Islamic State, thats just the basic facts of the matter.

From The Daily Telegraph:

The document, which was drawn up by the intelligence branch of the Ministry of Defence, MI5 and Special Branch, states that "some thousands" of extremists are active in the UK. They are predominantly UK-born and aged between 18 and 30, and many are believed to have been trained in overseas terrorist camps.

Under the heading "International Terrorism", the report, which is marked "restricted" states: "For the foreseeable future the UK will continue to be a high-priority target for international terrorists aligned with al-Qaeda. It will face a threat from British nationals, including Muslim converts, and UK-based foreign terrorists, as well as terrorists planning attacks from abroad."

The report states that the threat from the Islamist extremist community in the UK is "diverse and widely distributed" but adds that the numbers of terrorist in Britain is "difficult to judge".

The document does state, however, that the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, which is based in MI5's headquarters at Thames House in London, estimates that there are "some thousands of extremists in the UK committed to supporting Jihadi activities, either in the UK or abroad".

A year ago Jonathan Evans, the director general of MI5, said in a speech that his organisation had identified that there were at least 2,000 individuals who posed a threat to national security and public safety.

Since 2001, over 1,200 terrorist suspect have been arrested, over 140 have been charged and more than 45 have been convicted of terrorism offences, according to Home Office figures. It is also estimated that there are some 200 terrorist networks functioning in Britain today who are involved in at least 30 plots.

But this latest security assessment appears to suggest that the number of individuals who now pose a threat to the UK is even higher.

The report continues: "The majority of extremists are British nationals of south Asian, mainly Pakistani origin but there are also extremists from north and east Africa, Iraq and the Middle East, and a number of converts. The overwhelming majority of extremists are male, typically in the 18-30 age range.

"The main extremist concentrations are in London, Birmingham, with significant extremist networks in the South East, notably Luton. Extremist networks are principally engaged in spreading their extremist message, training, fund raising and procuring non-lethal military equipment to support the Jihads in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, and sending recruits to the conflicts.

The above picture is of a convicted Pakistani Moslem heroin & crack dealer dressed as a suicide bomber at a Moslem demonstration in London. He is from Bedford which is a ten minute drive from Luton. He eventually went on to work for British Rail! This is the lunacy of modern Britain.

[I have taken the liberty of reposting this article directly from Lionheart, the blog of a brave fellow warrior in the struggle for the soul of Western Civilization. If I could shout it from the housetops, I would tell the world of the ordeal of Paul Ray. Having been arrested by the British authorities on charges of racism and "stirring up racial hatred", he has now been forced to flee his beloved Britain because of death threats from the British Jihadists. This brave patriot now faces an uncertain future. His "crime"? Just this: Warning you, precious reader, of the looming peril of unrestrained immigration and the forces of violent cultural change which it is bringing to Great Britain. For more on his plight, watch BOTH of these videos while you still can. Soon, the Thought Police will have them expunged.

Paul's Arrest

Paul On The 700 Club

WAKE UP MY FRIENDS! Today Britain, tomorrow the world. Now is not the time for idle words. While we engage in polite discussion, the forces of Jihad are moving in the shadows. While we hold hands and sing another chorus of 'Kum Ba Yah', the enemies of Western Civilization are plotting and seeking positions of advantage. While we discuss universal healthcare and the liberal myth of "job creation", those with a REAL vision of the future are working tirelessly to ensure that your future health will be a non-issue. Now is the time for action my friends! We must raise a voice...a LOUD voice! A voice of protest. A voice of reason. A voice of sanity amidst the vast ocean of political lunacy which surrounds us. If we continue down this road, then liberty will be eclipsed in this generation. Does this make you afraid? Good! You NEED to be afraid my friends. Be VERY afraid! If merely saying in print what The Lionheart has dared to say means you can and will be charged and tried as a criminal, then liberty lies bleeding in the streets. Listen closely...that sound you hear is the the jackbooted feet of the Staatspolizei marching down YOUR street. Can The Four Horsemen be far behind? - Martel]


Belgian Far Right Leader: I Am One Of Israel's Staunchest Defenders

by Cnaan Liphshiz for Haaretz

At Belgium's request, the European Parliament is expected next month to lift the immunity of one of its members, a former leader of the rightist Vlaams Belang party, exposing him to racism charges. Describing himself as a victim of blatant persecution, Frank Vanhecke told Haaretz the decision could spell his "political death."

In the interview, Vanhecke countered claims that Vlaams Belang is anti-Semitic, calling them "unjust and untrue," pointing to his record of cooperation with Antwerp's Jewish community and standing up for Israel in the European Parliament.

Vlaams Belang is an anti-immigration party in the Flemish Community of Belgium that advocates the independence of Flanders and separation from the French-speaking population.

Although it's one of the country's largest parties, and the second largest political party in Flanders, it is kept out of government by the Cordon Sanitaire, a pact between all other Belgian parties to refrain from joining a coalition with Vlaams Belang.

Belgian justice minister and Deputy Prime Minister Jo Vandeurzen asked the European Parliament in April to lift Vanhecke's immunity so that Vanhecke can be prosecuted for a short article which appeared in 2005 a local party brochure, that linked an act of vandalism at a Christian cemetery to the Muslim minority in Sint-Niklaas, a city in the Flemish province of East Flanders.

Although Vanhecke was not the author, as Vlaams Belang president at that time - and consequently the publisher - he was legally responsible for all party publications. Vanhecke claims he had no knowledge of the 130-word article prior to publication.

Police apprehended the vandals, but Belgian law prohibits disclosing their identity because they were underage. Vlaams Belang says this prevents the party from proving that the youths were indeed Muslim immigrants. The author, whose identity is known, is not being prosecuted.

If convicted under Belgian anti-racism legislation, Vanhecke could lose his seat in the European Parliament as well as his right to be active in politics. Last Monday, the European Parliament?s Committee on Legal Affairs voted to lift Vanhecke's immunity, leaving the final vote for a plenary session in December. Commentators following the case say the December vote is a mere formality on the way to lifting Vanhecke's immunity.

"The Belgian government is persecuting me because I'm a member of a party which calls for Flemish independence," MEP Frank Vanhecke told Haaretz last week. In Vlaams Belang's official reaction to the Monday vote, the party said that "Belgium really is a banana republic."

Guido Naets, a Belgian ex-journalist and former spokesman of the European Parliament, asked the Legal Affairs Committee to turn down the Belgian request on the grounds of a conflict of interest on Brussel's part.

Naets also pointed out that Vlaams Belang is a Flemish-secessionist party which aims for the independence of Flanders from Belgium. He declared that this, and not racism, is the real reason for an attempt to ban Vanhecke from the coming European elections.

"In the almost 30 years that I have known Vanhecke [...] I have never been able to catch him out on any form of racism whatsoever," Naets said. "Vanhecke will be prosecuted because he is a symbol for a party that wants to abolish Belgium."

Before it became Vlaams Belang in 2004, the party was called Vlaams Blok. It changed its name and adjusted its platform after Belgium's supreme court declared it was a racist movement, effectively banning it from the political establishment.

During the interview, Vanhecke, 49, said he was aware that many Jews view Vlaams Belang antisemitic. "It's a form of automation, where we are immediately classified as antisemitic despite the facts on the ground."

Noting Vlaams Belang's "excellent contacts" with the Antwerp Jewish community, Vanhecke went on to say that the "misconception" owes in part to a "grave error" on the part of some Flemish secessionists who sided with the Nazis in the 1940s "only as a misguided and naïve attempt to achieve independence."

Another relevant issue is "the unacceptable behavior of a few weeds" who associate themselves with the party, Vanhecke said. With a hint of frustration in his voice, Vanhecke adds: "They say I'm antisemitic when the truth is I am one of Israel's staunchest defenders in the European Parliament. I invite you to read my queries to the European Parliament concerning its unjust treatment of Israel, and about the support the same parliament is giving to Palestinian murderers."

Vanhecke went on to say he thinks of himself as "a defender of Israel and of the Jewish people," adding: "Israel stands for the spirit that we stand for; liberty and self-determination."

[The smug political correctness of the socialist elite in Brussels truly knows no limits. This, my dear readers, is the true face of liberal "social democracy" in the leftist la-la-land we know as Europe. Mr. Vanhecke is a true patriot. And yet, the inner circle of Belgian political power treats him as a leper. Quite literally. Indeed, the phrase 'Cordon Sanitaire' is transliterated 'Sanitary Line'...meaning that Mr. Vanhecke (and presumably anyone else who believes as he does) is quarantined, lest his "deadly filth" pollute the pristine environment of the European Parliament. Talk about political correctness with teeth!? The forces of cultural suicide have assumed total control in Europe and soon Belgium will be swallowed up by the next wave of Pan Arab immigration. Hey! Freedom loving Belgians! Last one out bring the flag! Is this the future of American political discourse as well? It is indeed unless those who love freedom get their heads out of their collective rear ends and reclaim the culture. Otherwise, prepare to receive the exact same treatment at the hands of America's neo-Marxist socialistas. Now that they have control of The White House and both branches of The Legislature, l'm taking bets how long bi-partisanship lasts. Any takers? -Martel]



The World Tires of Dollar Hegemony

by Paul Craig Roberts

What explains the paradox of the dollar’s sharp rise in value against other currencies (except the Japanese yen) despite disproportionate US exposure to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression? The answer does not lie in improved fundamentals for the US economy or better prospects for the dollar to retain its reserve currency role.

The rise in the dollar’s exchange value is due to two factors.

One factor is the traditional flight to the reserve currency that results from panic. People are simply doing what they have always done. Pam Martens predicted correctly that panic demand for US Treasury bills would boost the US dollar.

The other factor is the unwinding of the carry trade. The carry trade originated in extremely low Japanese interest rates. Investors and speculators borrowed Japanese yen at an interest rate of one-half of one percent, converted the yen to other currencies, and purchased debt instruments from other countries that pay much higher interest rates. In effect, they were getting practically free funds from Japan to lend to others paying higher interest.

The financial crisis has reversed this process. The toxic American derivatives were marketed worldwide by Wall Street. They have endangered the balance sheets and solvency of financial institutions throughout the world, including national governments, such as Iceland and Hungary. Banks and governments that invested in the troubled American financial instruments found their own debt instruments in jeopardy.

Those who used yen loans to purchase, for example, debt instruments from European banks or Icelandic bonds, faced potentially catastrophic losses. Investors and speculators sold their higher-yielding financial instruments in a scramble for dollars and yen in order to pay off their Japanese loans. This drove up the values of the yen and the US dollar, the reserve currency that can be used to repay debts, and drove down the values of other currencies.

The dollar’s rise is temporary, and its prospects are bleak. The US trade deficit will lessen due to less consumer spending during recession, but it will remain the largest in the world and one that the US cannot close by exporting more. The way the US trade deficit is financed is by foreigners acquiring more dollar assets, with which their portfolios are already heavily weighted.

The US government’s budget deficit is large and growing, adding hundreds of billions of dollars more to an already large national debt. As investors flee equities into US government bills, the market for US Treasuries will temporarily depend less on foreign governments. Nevertheless, the burden on foreigners and on world savings of having to finance American consumption, the US government’s wars and military budget, and the US financial bailout is increasingly resented.

This resentment, combined with the harm done to America’s reputation by the financial crisis, has led to numerous calls for a new financial order in which the US plays a substantially lesser role. "Overcoming the financial crisis" are code words for the rest of the world’s intent to overthrow US financial hegemony.

Brazil, Russia, India and China have formed a new group (BRIC) to coordinate their interests at the November financial summit in Washington, D.C.

On October 28, RIA Novosti reported that Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin suggested to China that the two countries use their own currencies in their bilateral trade, thus avoiding the use of the dollar. China’s prime Minister Wen Jiabao replied that strengthening bilateral relations is strategic.

Europe has also served notice that it intends to exert a new leadership role. Four members of the Group of Seven industrial nations, France, Britain, Germany and Italy, used the financial crisis to call for sweeping reforms of the world financial system. Jose Manual Barroso, president of the European Commission, said that a new world financial system is possible only "if Europe has a leadership role."

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said that the "economic egoism" of America’s "unipolar vision of the world" is a "dead-end policy."

China’s massive foreign exchange reserves and its strong position in manufacturing have given China the leadership role in Asia. The deputy prime minister of Thailand recently designated the Chinese yuan as "the rightful and anointed convertible currency of the world."

Normally, the Chinese are very circumspect in what they say, but on October 24 Reuters reported that the People’s Daily, the official government newspaper, in a front-page commentary accused the US of plundering "global wealth by exploiting the dollar’s dominance." To correct this unacceptable situation, the commentary called for Asian and European countries to "banish the US dollar from their direct trade relations, relying only on their own currencies." And this step, said the commentary, is merely a starting step in overthrowing dollar dominance.

The Chinese are expressing other thoughts that would get the attention of a less deluded and arrogant American government. Zhou Jiangong, editor of the online publication, ChinaStakes.com, recently asked: "Why should China help the US to issue debt without end in the belief that the national credit of the US can expand without limit?"

Zhou Jiangong’s solution to American excesses is for China to take over Wall Street.

China has the money to do it, and the prudent Chinese would do a better job than the crowd of thieves who have destroyed America’s financial reputation while exploiting the world in pursuit of multi- million dollar bonuses.