The Vienna Conference On Euro-Islam

What follows is a translated feature from the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad published January 11, 2008.

It is surprising that the conference about Euro-Islam in Vienna last year has not attracted more attention than it did, as the conference was in fact a Moslem declaration of war on the original European population.

Last year a conference was held in Vienna about the so called Euro-Islam. Here the prominent Moslem delegates formulated a common future vision about Europe under the power of Islam. On that occasion, Mustafa Ceric, the Bosnian grand mufti, described “a future Islamic epoch which, with Moorish Spain and Osmanli South Europe as models, should replace Christianity”.

Among the participants was also the omnipresent professor Tariq Ramadan. He pronounced that the plans about the islamization of Europe ought to be kept a secret to the public.

They also agreed that the first step to be taken was to ensure the rights of Sharia in Europe thus stating “that at least as a start Sharia should be introduced as a parallel legal order into the European countries”. As to the details of Sharia they should be kept away from public discussions as much as possible.

It is surprising that these declarations made at the conference have not called forth much attention with the public. Either such future goals about Islam seem too imaginative to be taken seriously. Or the reality fit so badly with the picture of Islam that prevails in the “superior knowing” European cultural elite in particular, that they choose to repress what is in fact being said.

That goes for the problematic professor Tariq Ramadan, too, whose declarations were the most troublesome. He declared that his real intentions about Euro-Islam must be kept a secret to the public. What a strange hard-boiled declaration at a meeting which he must know will be reported by the press. Does he just calculate quite cynically on the general repression mechanism of the “unbelievers”?

Although a lot of heavy criticism about Tariq Ramadan and his version of Euro-Islam have been made public it has only had little effect on his reputation as a modern, moderate, European Moslem who seriously works for a peaceful integration of Moslems in the Western world. Tariq Ramadan is still a dear guest who is often invited to official conferences all over Europe, especially in Scandinavia where, among other things, he is being consulted as an expert in measures to be taken as to problems of the radicalization of Moslem youth, and he is very much respected among young, well educated, Danish Moslems.

It should be mentioned in particular that Tariq Ramadan has influence on the organization “Critical Moslems” whose leader is Sherin Khankan, and “Moslems in Dialogue” with prominent members such as Mona Sheikh 1, Asmaa Abdol-Hamid 2 and Abdul Wahid Pedersen 3.

Actually, it is not permitted Moslems to live in a country of the unbelievers. Only if they declare their belief in Allah and Mohammed in public it can be allowed. That means in order to act as missionaries. This is done first and foremost by making Islamic confessions at the same time rendering themselves visible in the public room. Tariq Ramadan also suggests that instead of the name “The House of War”, which is traditionally the name of the areas reigned by the “unbelievers”, it must now be called “The House of Confession”. He thinks that this name indicates that there is a mission going on, and not a real war. Tariq Ramadan’s method shows a certain difference from that of militant Islamism, but the goal is quite the same. Both parties want Europe under the power of Islam. Tariq Ramadan is against the use of violence in Europe because it may spoil the chances to obtain Euro- Islam in the end. However, Tariq Ramadan?s utterances as to islamization by violence are very ambiguous indeed.

Qaradawi is one of the most influential Sunni Moslem savants in the Middle East who has been attached for many years to the fanatical organization The Moslem Brotherhood. This was founded by Tariq Ramadan’s grandfather, Hassan al-Banna, in 1928 in Egypt. Add to this, that he is a prominent member of the European Council of Fatwa and Science which is trying to play a powerful role as head council for European Moslems. Qaradawi has said that the goal of Islam is to conquer Europe as well as the USA by way of missions, propaganda, and get influence by way of pressure groups.

It is said that Qaradawi has made crucial finger prints on a paper called “The Project”, dated 1982, which outlines a long, detailed schedule (over a period of 100 years) for the infiltration and final conquer of Europe and the USA. This schedule concurs precisely with the declarations made at the conference in Vienna last spring.

The paper was found when a luxury home in Switzerland was searched in November 2001. Its owner was Youssef Nada, a friend of the Ramadan family for many years, international manager of the Moslem Brotherhood, and managing director of the Al-Taqwa-bank in Lugano which, as it seems, has been financing Islamic terrorism such as al-Qaeda and Hamas.

According to Tariq Ramadan he missionary task will give back Moslems in Europe their self-esteem, dignity, and sense of life which so many Moslems do not have. Moslems must come out of their position of self- defence and jump into the public stage as active citizens letting their Moslem voices sound in the national parliaments claiming justice. When Tariq Ramadan uses the word ?justice? it must be noticed that he means Islamic justice, i.e. Sharia. This is the law of Allah which is ruling legal matters, as well as religious and social matters. Also “The Project” encourages Moslems to participate as active citizens as one of their crucial strategies of infiltration.

Tariq Ramadan’s encouragement to active citizenship, confession (as missionaries), and political combat for more “Moslem justice” has been very important to many young Danish Moslems who promenade the streets with eagerness these years showing their religious affiliation to the public.

When Asmaa Absol-Hamids insisted on wearing scarf in the Folketinget (Danish Parliament) it was just an Islamic political guinea pig to see how far Islam can go with the Sharia. The scarf is the very radical symbol of the acceptance of the Sharia as a whole, and it is spreading wherever the ideology of the Brotherhood gets devotees. Control of women is completely fundamental to political Islam. In this connection it is interesting to notice with “The Project” that one of the paragraphs of their schedule is to abuse the political left wing in Europe (temporarily) as a first step and as an allied on the way to the islamization of the Western world. Concealment and denial of their true goal are also items clearly mentioned in “The Project”.

The original idea about Euro-Islam, which was first introduced by Bassam Tibi, former professor in Göttingen, was that Islam in Europe should comply with the democratic and cultural European traditions by which they could further a political clash and thus enforce the introduction of Sharia as law of the land. Tariq Ramadan and the islamo- fascistic Brotherhood took up the idea but turned the whole thing up and down with the result that today the adherents of Euro-Islam clearly show their visions about an Islamic religious and political control of Europe.

Imaginative? Certainly, but an imaginative will to power has surprised Europe in her bed before. The new thing is that the vision of a future Islamic conquer is based on migration which in number and size has never been seen before in world history. Actually, the meeting in Vienna last spring was a Moslem declaration of war against the original European populations. When will the responsible, intellectual, and political elite in Europe be able to see the writing on the wall? Maybe the ruin of Europe can still be prevented.

1 Mona Sheikh, member of Hitzb-ut-Tahrir, often interviewed by the press

2 Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, member of Enhedslisten (political left wing party), tried to get into Danish Parliament and created some alarm with the public.

3 Abdul Wahid Pedersen, a Dane who has converted into Islam and has become an important agitator of Islam.


Can of Worms: Mufti Wants Moratorium on French Law Separating Church and State

From the desk of Tiberge on Fri, 2008-02-01 13:06

The mufti of the Paris mosque, Dalil Boubakeur, has dropped what amounts to a political and religious bomb. He proposes a moratorium on the French law of 1905 separating Church and State, because not enough mosques are being built in France.

Besides his position as mufti, he is the president of the CFCM (French Council of the Muslim Faith), an association officially established in 2003 thanks to the efforts of Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy.

Questioned by Le Monde, Mr. Boubakeur set forth the idea of a “moratorium of 10 to 20 years” on the 1905 law, which forbids all public funding of places of worship, so that Islam can “catch up” on its needs. “The associations that administer houses of worship need to be given air to breathe,” he says.

This has to be one of the most daring statements made yet by a Muslim leader in France. There are at least 1500 mosques and prayer rooms in France, 75 in Paris alone.

Dalil Boubakeur’s proposal to suspend the 1905 law has incensed France’s radical secularists, the advocates of “laïcité,” who see in his words a predictable maneuver, welcomed by the State and Churches alike, for the purpose of restoring the power of religion to all spheres of French life.

Militants of “laïcité” are convinced that Nicolas Sarkozy intends, through modifications to the existing law, to impose his view of the equality of all religions onto the French people, instead of maintaining the strict separation that has been enforced until recently when Islam came into the picture.

The blog Riposte Laïque writes:

"Sarkozy, through his speeches in Rome and then in Ryadh rolled out the red carpet to the Churches, and someone had to go into the breach. This role fell to the freedom-destroying mufti of the Paris mosque, since Islam is the spear-head of this offensive."

Their fear, despite what they say about Islam, is of the return of Christianity, especially Catholicism, to the decision-making process of the government, as the following statements attest:

"Furthermore, in Europe, 20 countries out of 25 are signatories of concordats with the Catholic Church. Now they want all of France to be aligned with those countries."

Riposte Laïque calls for a massive protest, first at the local level, then a march towards Paris. Among the organizations cited as participants in this protest are the Grand Orient of France (Freemasons) and the Ligue de l'Enseignement (League of Teachers).

Sarkozy has (knowingly?) opened a can of worms with his initiatives on religion. But the essential problem remains Islam. The advocates of “laïcité” seem to forget that there can be no separation of Church and State in Islam and that if Islam is going to be given privileges, it automatically means the end of the law of 1905. Sarkozy is banking on the fallacious notion of “equality” of religions and is throwing all religions together in the same arena to find a way of co-existing.

This article reproduced from The Brussels Journal.